29.03.2018 - 05.04.2018 Fasting weeks at DasPosthotel

This package is not available at the moment. Please find here in the ZillerLodge.

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29.03.2018 - 05.04.2018

✓ 7 nights
✓ medically certified fasting coach
✓ different fasting methods

from € 1.115per person

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The offer is valid from:
29.03.2019 - 05.04.2019 | 28.09.2019 - 05.10.2019

Draw strength, become lighter, regenerate, and deacidify with base fasting and interval fasting with the support of the medically certified fasting coach Gini Czernin in DasPosthotel. In March and September 2019, our fasting weeks will take place again with fasting for healthy people according to Dr. Buchinger / Dr. Lütznerbase fasting, base fasting or base fasting and interval fasting in order to intensify the effect of fasting. Choose your personal fasting method.

"Fasting helps me to gain strength in difficult life situations, explore new horizons and 'rise like a phoenix from the ashes' ."

Package services

  • 7 nights in a Suite, Summit Suite or SkyLoft
  • incl. daily assistance and fasting program
    with medically certified fasting coach Gini Czernin
  • resilience training - strengthening your inner power of resistance
  • walks or easy hikes with the fasting coach
  • information about fasting, nourishment, and the recovery days
  • you can find more information in our information sheet

Total price

Package with fasting according to Dr. Buchinger

7 nights from € 1,115 per person in a Suite
7 nights from € 1,318 per person in a Summit Suite
7 nights from € 1,738 per person in a SkyLoft

Package with base fasting & interval fasting

7 nights from € 1,315 per person in a Suite
7 nights from € 1,518 per person in a Summit Suite
7 nights from € 1,938 per person in a SkyLoft

Package with base fasting

7 nights from € 1,415 per person in a Suite
7 nights from € 1,618 per person in a Summit Suite
7 nights from € 2,038 per person in a SkyLoft

excluding local tax

Fasting program

"Fasting for Healthy People" according to Dr. Buchinger


"Fasting for Healthy People" is a form of liquid fasting according to Dr. Buchinger. After the success of therapeutic fasting in the clinical field, the fasting method developed by Dr. Buchinger was adapted for the general public. This proven method includes organic fruit/vegetable juice, vegetable broth, organic herbal tea, and plenty of water. With our fasting week, you will consciously and voluntarily go without solid food for limited amount of time. With fasting done correctly, you will not feel hungry. The entire body, especially the digestive system, all blood vessels, and the skin will intensively regenerate during fasting. The mental and spiritual aspects are also important. Thoughts become clearer, decisions are easier to make, the soul opens up, and it's easier to see the important things in life. You will feel lighter, more active, and more capable. 


Base fasting

Base fasting and healthy eating. Regulate your acid-base balance and feel healthy all-around. Delicious, alkaline-based food by toque-awarded chef Marcus Duchardt in our restaurant HeLeni will help you to deacidfy, detoxify, and lose weight if needed.

Interval fasting

By skipping a meal and stopping food intake for over 16 hours, autophagy is initiated. This self-healing process of the cells ensures that unusable, sick, and dead cell components are removed. This form of fasting thus has a rejuvenating, regenerating effect. 

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